At Denison Montessori, we have a passionate, dedicated staff who are committed to helping each child realize their full potential through the Montessori Method. They use the Montessori curriculum and materials to work with the whole child, helping the child move towards independence and become a life-long learner.

The staff is highly accomplished and all hold either AMI or AMS Montessori teaching credentials. Many of our teachers also hold advanced degrees or multiple Montessori credentials.


Staff Information
Location Name Title

Main Office

Main Office Katy Mattis Principal
Main Office Paul Vincent Administrative Assistant
Main Office Denise Atencio-Esquibel Office Manager
Main Office Alice Cothran Secretary

Primary Classrooms

Room 102 Erin Schmitt Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 102 Lorraine Armijo Paraprofessional
Room 103 Caroline Robbins Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 103 Carey Atencio Paraprofessional
Room 103 Josh Fern Paraprofessional
Room 104 Dorothy King-Stockton Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 104 Hanna Desjardins Student Teacher
Room 104 Maria Delgado Paraprofessional
Room 105 Linda Englehart Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 105 Margie Murrieta Paraprofessional
Room 105 Alicia Ortiz Paraprofessional
Room 110 Liz Lewis-Riggs Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 110 Melinda Ovesen Paraprofessional
Room 111 Patricia Horn Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 111 Catherine Moya Paraprofessional

Lower Elementary

Room 106 Carrie Henrichs Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 106 Theresa Mariea Paraprofessional
Room 107 Beverly Wadman Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 107 Halie Gianulis Paraprofessional/Math Tutor
Room 205 Elisa Bowers Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 205 Michael Cordova Paraprofessional/Math Tutor
Room 206 Stacy Eisenberg Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 206 Lorena Sanchez Paraprofessional
Room 207 Kelly Monroe Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 207 Rebecca Cothran Paraprofessional

Upper Elementary

Room 201 John Fowler Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 201 Mery Landess Paraprofessional
Room 202 Christy Berger Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 202 Mona Trujillo Paraprofessional
Room 203 Elizabeth Moreau Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 203 Mery Landess Paraprofessional
Room 204 Kelly Rosenbaum Montessori Lead Teacher
Room 204 Mona Trujillo Paraprofessional

Student Services

Room 201B Andrew Alberti Psychologist/Social Worker
Main Office Ann Fowler Nurse
Jennifer Lowell ESL (English as a Second Language)
Library Karen Hartmann Speech and Language
Library Sheila Brody Gifted and Talented
Leslie Crockett Occupational Therapy/Literacy Interventionist
Julie Acree-Gould Literacy Interventionist
Hanna Desjardins Extended Learning Time Coordinator

Special Education

Sue Genrich Special Education
Carol Bell Special Education
Joan Rademacher Special Education

Specials Teachers

Brian Vamosy Physical Education
Bettina Schaden Music and Suzuki
Library Kelsey Larson Library Desk
Kristine Segura Drama
Toni Philips Science


Enrique Villarreal Facility Manager
Beatrice Garcia Crew Lead
George Ortiz


Kitchen Merari Chinea Solano
Kitchen Sonia Trujillo
Kitchen Tanya Gardner
Kitchen Angela Marpal


Veronica Ruiz Program Specialist
Early Riser & After School Alexis Montoya Program Leader
Early Riser & After School Jessica Garcia Early Childhood Teacher
Early Riser & After School Jessica Aguilar Early Childhood Teacher
Early Riser & After School Libby Deganhart Early Childhood Teacher
Early Riser & After School Julieta Banales Program Aide
Kadoodles Joanne Gesink-Buettner Program Leader
Kadoodles Jessica Garcia Early Childhood Teacher