ELA Parent Advisory Committee (ELA PAC)

Denison’s ELA PAC is an organization for parents of multilingual children. Our aim is to:

  • Provide ELA program information
  • Increase communication between ELA parents, the school, and the district
  • Review implementation of the ELA program with parents
  • Provide a forum for schools to listen to parent concerns and address issues
  • Share resources with the community

Our PAC meetings are held quarterly and are all virtual at this time.  Days, times, and the link to join are shared via our Flyer app.

Información de Comité de Padres Parent Advisory Committee Parent Advisory Comm VIT Parent Advisory CommitteeParent Advisory Committee

ELA District-wide Advisory Committee (ELA DAC)

Be a voice for English learners at the district level

  • The ELA DAC is a regular meeting where parents whose children speak a language other than English learn about how the district is supporting the success of English learners (ELs)
  • ELA DAC representatives will also learn about their rights and responsibilities as parents and how to best advocate for their student(s). ELA parents are able to create positive change in their school and the district by being a voice for English Language Learners
  • ELA DAC representatives receive valuable information and tools to help support their children’s success at school and at home
  • ELA DAC representatives are given tools to share information from the DAC with their school principal, ELA PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), CSC/school governance council and other ELA families.
  • Some ELA DAC meetings include resource fairs, with community organizations and resources for families and students
  • Free childcare and refreshments are provided