The CSC works collaboratively with the school community to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts supporting the school and District’s goals. It provides strategic direction in support of Denison’s mission and vision as stated in the UIP.

Meetings and Membership

CSC meets the fourth Tuesday of each month (sometimes third Tuesday in November and March due to Thanksgiving and Spring Break) at 5:30 P.M. Meetings are open to the public. Parents and teachers can request that an issue be placed on a meeting agenda by contacting any CSC representative. Parent representatives are selected by a vote of the parents and faculty representatives are selected by a vote of the teachers. CSC representatives serve two-year terms.

Current CSC members:

  • Elza Guajardo (Interim Principal)
  • Kim Manning (Vice Principal)
  • Liz Lewis-Riggs (Primary Teacher)
  • Stacy Kalderon (Lower El Teacher)
  • Amanda Brown (Upper El Teacher)
  • Matt Vita (Parent)
  • Thomas Haro (Parent)
  • Ellie Roos (Parent)
  • Jolee Mann (Parent)
  • Juan Carlos Reyes (Parent / PAC Representative)


Current Year’s Agendas:

2018 Oct. 9 CSC AGENDA


2018 April 24 CSC Agenda

2018 February 27 CSC Agenda

2017 December 19 CSC Agenda

2017 November 27 CSC Agenda

2017 October 24 CSC Agenda2

017 September 26 CSC Agenda


Current Year’s Minutes:

2018 Oct. 9 CSC Minutes

2018 SEPT 11 CSC minutes

CSC Minutes 8.14.18

CSC Minutes September 2017

CSC Meeting Minutes October 2017

Nov. 28 2017 CSC Minutes

CSC Minutes December 2017

CSC Minutes_January_2018

Jan 30 CSC Budget Minutes

CSC Feb Minutes

March 20, 2018 CSC minutes


En español:

March 20 CSC minutes Spanish

Feb CSC Minutes Spanish


December Spanish CSC Minutes

November Spanish CSC Minutes

October Spanish CSC Minutes

September Spanish CSC Minutes


In Vietnamese:

March 20 CSC minutes Vietnamese

Feb CSC Minutes Vietnamese

December Vietnamese CSC Minutes

November Vietnamese CSC Minutes

October Vietnamese CSC Minutes

September Vietnamese CSC Minutes




For archived CSC minutes, visit the page Archived CSC Minutes