Denison’s library is a modern, welcoming space for students to research, collaborate and share their work with the community. The library is equipped with computers for research, a science lab and a solarium. The unique native landscape habitat area sits just outside the library windows.

Your student has access to the library daily. Books may be returned and exchanged at anytime – they are usually checked out for one week.

Our print collection can be found online at the LION link below. We have approximately 9020 carefully chosen books for students and staff.

Databases are online collections of resources put together by experts; they are usually subscription based. The district purchases several for us that can be accessed from school or home. Our database link is at the bottom of this page. Home access is by using your school ID number/lunch number to log in.

We have 6 Apple computers as part of our computer center in the library. Students can learn to use a variety of software including word processing, spreadsheets, graphing, drawing, presentation software and educational games.

We participate in RIF – Reading is Fundamental, a federal program that gives each student 3 books every year.


Useful Links
Name Link URL
Denison LION
World Almanac
Everyday Math (See Sandy in the library for login and password)
Reading Resources for Kids – Dare to Excel!
PBS Kids
Fact Monster
Home Activity Suggestions