Girls On the Run

Posted: Apr 11, 2019

Site Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities
Thank you for volunteering to be a site coordinator with Girls on the Run. You will play a vital role in
making the program a success at your school. As the Site Coordinator, you will serve as the school’s
main contact for Girls on the Run. Below are specific things we are counting on you to do.
● Complete Site Application , identify safe location to run, secure indoor meeting location and
obtain principal’s signature of approval for Girls on the Run at your school. Your first task is
already complete!
● Recruit Coaches – we need your help recruiting volunteer coaches for the program at your
school. Being a coach is an extremely rewarding opportunity and does not require experience
as a runner or coach. It only requires the desire to make a difference in the lives of young
girls. We provide you with blurbs and flyers to help recruit coaches from your school
community. Send coach names and contact information to Girls on the Run Rockies.
● Promote program and registration to students . Girls on the Run will provide flyers, posters,
blurbs and more to help with this effort. Registration is mainly online – which should create a
streamlined process for you and the parents registering for the program.
● Participate in call with GOTR prior to season start .
● Send welcome letter (provided by GOTR) to parents and girls that register for the program.
● Talk/meet with coaches , especially if they are not familiar with your school facilities, to review
running location and indoor meeting space.
● Provide coaches with roster and health forms . Coaches rely on you to share this
information. Some girls may show up for practice without having registered. By sharing the
roster with coaches, we can help these girls get signed up through the registration process.
Once the season starts, coaches will work to communicate directly with parents. Coaches will copy
you on communications to help keep you in the loop. Of course, we invite you to help with your team
as time permits throughout the season.
You’re also invited to attend the 5K – come run with your team! All site coordinators can participate in
the final 5K for free. You will be provided with a discount code to register for the race.
We are always here to help and answer questions throughout the process. Please reach out to
Emily Fenger ( ) or (720)879-2354. (720)879-2354