Denison Details – Weekly Update September 7, 2012

Message from the Principal

There have been a lot of changes this year and while change can be exciting, it can also be challenging.

We are so pleased to now 4-year-olds staying with us all day but with the benefits of having four and fives year olds stay all day also comes some challenges. The library needs to be closed for a portion of the afternoon to allow for napping and there are more children eating lunch in the lunchroom. As before, you are always welcome to come and eat with your child but please make sure that all children have been through the lunch line and have a place to sit before taking a seat. You can ask one of the lunchroom supervisors if you need help.

Another big change is the morning drop off. Instead of gradually entering the classrooms from 8:40-9:00, students are on the playground in the morning and escorted to their classrooms by their teacher at 9am. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out in this process but everyday, it runs a little smoother.

Lastly, having a new principal is a pretty big change. Please, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to come and talk with me. I am thrilled with how the 2012-2013 school year is going so far. The teachers are giving many lessons and the elementary has already completed a district wide assessment. We ask parents to wait until October to schedule observations so the students can get used to their classrooms but after October, I encourage you to come and visit and experience the magic of Montessori yourselves.

— Katy Mattis

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