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Parent Involvement

The parents of Montessori students have made the success of our magnet program possible. They have sought out the program, entrusted their children to the method, and then have become a part of the school community. Parents attend school programs, come to conferences, observe in classrooms, volunteer, raise funds, and serve on the committees such as the following:

Collaborative School Committee (CSC)
Families of Denison Montessori (FDM)

What is the difference between CSC and FDM?
CSC committees were created to give all stakeholders in our schools a voice in important decisions. CSC works on matters of policy, such as how resources are used (budget) and how staff openings are filled (personnel).

FDM works to support the school and classroom activities that foster a sense of community. Such activities include Staff Appreciation Day, Taste of Denison, etc.

When Parents are Involved:
Children get higher grades and test scores.
Children complete more homework.
Children are more likely to complete high school and enroll in post-high school education.


Schools in every district are facing budget cuts and Denison Montessori is not immune to this current financial state. Fundraising can be a word that makes most parents and families cringe, but it is a necessary and vital part of our school budget. To have 100% of your support go directly to Denison, consider the Dollar-A-Week program. Your contribution is also tax deductible.

Did you know that Denison Montessori is registered with If you shop using as your starting point and choose Denison Montessori as your designated charity, the various “shops” will donate a percentage of your purchase to Denison. The list of places to shop is huge and varied, including Amazon, 24-Hour Fitness,, GAP, Land’s End, Barnes & Noble. Even Netflix does a $6 donation on new subscriptions! Please consider going this route–it’s quick and painless and doesn’t cost you any extra–for all of your future on-line shopping. Click here for the link.

King Soopers Cards

Denison Montessori is now enrolled in the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program. Everyone needs groceries, so why not let 5% of that grocery bill and gas benefit Denison Montessori?!? There are no extra costs associated with this program. Just pay for your groceries or gas with the Denison Montessori reloadable gift card and support your school. Click here for more information.

Target Red Card

Do you have a Target RedCard? Sign up for Take Charge of Education and designate Denison Montessori. When you shop at Target with your RedCard, Target will donate up to 1% of your RedCard purchases to Denison!


There are many volunteer opportunities available in the office, library and especially in the classrooms. Look for volunteer opportunities in the Denison Details or ask your classroom teacher what things you can do at home or in the class to help. Kids love it when their parents volunteer!