Glossary of Terms

We use a lot of acronyms and abbreviations at Denison Montessori. This page will hopefully help to explain the meaning of some of those terms.

  • ELA
  • GT
  • CSC
  • ECE

    Early Childhood Education – refers to the 3-5 year old group of children, preschoolers. This includes the kindergarteners.

  • FAQ
  • FDM
  • PAC

    Parent Action Committee

  • lower el

    Lower Elementary – grades 1-3

  • primary

    Refers to the preschool students (ECE) – 3-5 year olds (includes Kindergarten).

  • SLT
  • SPED
  • UIP

    Unified Improvement Plan –

    The following is from:

    Purpose of Unified Improvement Planning

    The purpose of Unified Improvement Planning is to streamline the improvement planning components of state and federal accountability requirements. The Unified Improvement Planning template and process is used to shift from planning as an event to planning as a critical component of continuous improvement. Unified Improvement Planning also provides a mechanism for external stakeholders to learn about our schools’ and district’s improvement efforts. UIPs are required to be made available to the public through the state department of education web site (

  • upper el

    Upper Elementary – grades 4-6